About Us

About Us

SHENK is a company group of 6 subsidiaries covering a long product chain:

SOFT MAGNETIC ALLOY (amorphous & nanocrystalline), PARTS (core/rotor&stator/terminal/shunt/busbar) & COMPONENTS (current transformer/common mode choke/inductor/reactor /power transformer), METERING (water meter/electricity meter), SOLUTION (soft magnetic parts & component, metering,cooling, software).

Our wide range of high-quality and cutting-edge soft magnetic materials, parts & components, products enable us to supply sufficient power to customers and partners in various field of electricity(current transformer), wind & solar energy (inverter), automation equipment (converter & UPS), EV (inductor & EMC), rail traffic (power transformer), telecommunication (current transducer), military(reactor), medical equipment, etc.

On 1985 starting our journey as a small individual workshop in a remote village, SHENK has grown into a company-group then operate on a basis:

-6 subsidiaries

-1000 employees

-100 million USD (annual turnover)

SHENK always keep market-driven sales policy, and continuously invest on R&D. Our ambition and attitude of R&D is proved by a joint-R&D center of SHENK with universities and institutes, such as: Chinese Academy of Sciences, Tsinghua University, NCEPU, USTB, HUST, etc.

-more than 100 engineers

-10 PhDs

-58 patents

Rich experience and strong R&D ability bring great strength to SHENK. Benefitting from one of the strength-versatility, SHENK is capable to fill various requirements from our customers all over the world to design and produce qualified products for them.

SHENK maintains process-oriented quality principle and integrate it in our management system by the following standards and regulations:

-ISO 9001

-ISO 14001

-OHSAS 18001

Our production philosophy is to reach balance between high-quality, energy conservation, environment protection and health& safety.

Today, SHENK’s products are working well in 20 countries, bring benefits to our partners and customers, and gain bright reputation for ourselves.



Honest, Royal, Grateful, Cooperative


Research and develop advanced soft magnetic alloy to improve energy efficiency 

Focus on accurate metering to save more precious water and electricity 

Devoted to informatization to creat genuine value to socity and make life simpler, smarter and brighter


Be a pioneer in field of soft magnetic alloy and top-level smart metering solution supplier.